Rune Mysteries

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: Nothing
Length: Kind of long, you can make it shorter if you are able to teleport to Varrock.

In this quest, you are going to help find the mystery of the talisman.

Quest Instructions:

1.) To start off with this quest, you will have to talk to Duke Horacio. He will ask you to deliver an air talisman to the head wizard at the Wizards tower.

(This is how you will start out when starting this quest.)

2.) You can find the Wizards tower by going all the way west of Lumbridge castle. It will take a couple of minutes to get there so don’t think it is pretty close. Simply go down stairs when you get their and you should see Sedridor. Speak to him.

3.) Tell Sedridor the you are looking for the Head Wizard and he will tell you that he needs to study it. While he’s studying it, he will ask you to take a package of his to a shop keeper in Varrock. The shop keeper will give you something to bring back to him also.

4.) Now comes the more walking that you will have to do. If you can teleport, then teleport to Varrock to make it quicker. If not, walk all the way to Varrock and go to the rune store. If you cannot locate it, then use the World Map to find the shop quicker.

5.) Talk to Aubury and give him the package. He will tell you to give it to him so that he can read it for a few minutes. Do not leave! Wait there for about two seconds and talk to him again because if your rushing then you will think that you have to go back to Wizards tower when you don’t at the moment. When you talk to him again, he will give you his research notes that you have to give to Sedridor. You can use free your free teleportation to Lumbridge to get there quicker.

6.) Once you take the research notes to Sedridor, the quest will be completed! He will give you your rewards and receive something like this.

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