Runescape bug report menuhasrandsm limit

Sometimes, the bug reporting menu will stop me from typing a certain amount of text in the bug reporting form before I’ve even reached the character limit.

For me, this has affected both the description and reproduction textareas before. Also, when I submitted a bug report with these restrictions in place, when I tried to submit a new report after in the same game session, the restrictions were no longer there…

Opening and closing the reporting menu hasn’t fixed the Runescape 3 Gold problem for me and there is no particular way that I know of where you can make this bug occur again. It seems to randomly occur for me at the moment…

The amount of text that I get limited to is random with each new “instance” of it happening. In the one “instance” that it does happen, closing and re-opening the menu won’t lead to a change in the amount of text I’m limited by – it will just stay at the same limit; one which is below the displayed character limit.

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