RuneScape Dungeoneering

Dungeoneering in RuneScape is a new skill that was only introduced. This is something that is open to any of the 10 million users of RuneScape; members and free players. The great thing about Dungeoneering is that it also allows you to increase your other skill levels as well the ones you need for this part of the game.

What is RuneScape Dungeoneering?

RuneScape Dungeoneering is a skill which you develop in a castle called Daemonheim. In order to be able to perform well in the castle the players will have needed to develop skills already prior to arriving. Daemonheim has 35 underground floors and it is here that players develop their Dungeoneering. The aim is for players to use their existent skills to clear all the different floors inside the castle.

The Attraction of RuneScape Dungeoneering

The maximum level you can reach in Dungeonerring is “True Skill Mastery” and you can reach all the way to level 120. Nobody has yet managed to reach the highest level of 120 but a few have made it to 99. A nice aspect of Dungeonerring is that you can work as part of a team, but you can work alone if you are a true one man show. The skilling materials and items inside Damonheim are unique to this place, but the skills learnt elsewhere will certainly come in handy.

How to get to Daemonheim

If you hope to enjoy the experience of RuneScape Dungeoneering you will need to make your way to Daemonheim. The journey there should give you an opportunity to develop your skills. Daemonheim is located east of Wilderness on a large peninsula. There are a few different ways of getting there but including; teleporting using the Ring of Kinship, taking a ship from behind the Al Kharid bank, or making your way through the wilderness. Once you arrive at Daemonheim you then need to follow the path up the mountain. You will see a question mark on your mini map and this is where you should enter the castle. Here you will find the Dungeoneering tutor; to make life easier you can now ask for a Ring of Kinship and be able to return easily.

RuneScape Dungeonerring is a great addition to the game and well worth checking out. The fact that it is open to non-members is an additional bonus and it does allow for players to improve their skills. The fact that it is also possible to play as a member of a team also makes Daemonheim the place to be.

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