Runescape gold is essential for you game play

I believe you are not strange with Runescape. You may know that the RS Gold is very important for you game play. There is an easy way to make adequate cash and save up to get that dragon or other cherished stuff. All you got do is an easy quest rune secrets. (If you have already done this quest just go down right until you find the money making percentage) to complete you don’t need anything to start go to lumbridge then go to the second floor of the castle. Talk to duke haricot and ask for a quest then he will give you a talisman. then go to the thaumaturgists tower (if you don’t know where it is go onto urn map and go to draknor then go down until you find it) then go to the stairs and go down. When you go down check with the head wizard, he will give you a package and tell you to go to augury in varrock.

To find varrock go to our map again and at the bottom type in varrock. You should then go to the left side bar on the map and go down until you find charming shop then click on it when our map is over varrock. It should then show one magic shop blinking. Go to that man and then talk to him with the research package that the sorcerer should have given you. He will give you some notes and then ask if you want to be teleported outside of the wizard’s tower. Then walk down the stairs, speak to the thaumaturgies and then congratulations. And here you may get Cheap RS Gold.

Your rewards are the air talisman access to rune essence mine and access to the rune crafting skill.Now to the money making part: take urn air talisman to the grand exchange and with about 20k Runescape Gold (if you have more then you will make even more money) and buy as much rune essence as you can then go to Falador. (again go to map if you don’t know where it is).then log out and go to world 16 (it will say air running next to the world) then go to Falador bank (the one closest to the party room is better. then get urn air talisman or tiara (wielded) and get as much rune essence that you can. Next go straight down past the mining guild and out the gate and straight down to the chicken pen on the farm. Then turn straight west and go until you see an altar then use them.

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