RuneScape Halloween event 2012 guide, serving good

The RuneScape Halloween event 2012 has been released to RuneScape, October 24, 2012. RuneScape players have the option to choose good or evil.

This RuneScape holiday guide details how to fight for good. Therefore, see the RuneScape Halloween event 2012 guides main link hub page for links to the other guides on the RuneScape Halloween event 2012, including fighting for evil.
View slideshow: RuneScape Halloween event 2012 serving good

Start out by talking to Brother Righteous as detailed in the slideshow. First on must join the team then the hunt. He will give a hint as to where the ghosts are.

As ghost locations reset every two hours, it is best to find their locations from a fan site with a community that can update the lists around the clock.

Withdraw from bank the teleport items needed and then go to each location as seen in the slideshow. Note that actual locations have changed, but the slideshow still gives an overview of the process.

Note that for full rewards one must serve both good and evil at least once.

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