RuneScape is a living and open MMO online games

RuneScape is my favorite game for a long time, but I have to admit that the explorers more than anything else. The battle has been slow, tedious sorting. This is not very exciting. I see so many players AFK, watching TV, or playing the second game.

Fortunately, RS Gold is a living, open MMO online games from the ancient, but still added a new bit design and update the system. There are not many other MMO games, updated frequently the RuneScape, almost no provide them with as many things.

To the evolution of fighting. Jagex occurred, said it’s the most important thing in RuneScape, may never play after a few days, I tend to agree. What has changed, however, why I like it so much? Let me tell you.The most obvious change in the evolution of the battle is a player interacts with the game. Before the change, players will find an enemy, click on it and watch the fighting. Will be an occasional special click of a button, but, overall, the battle for me is always very boring, not dynamic in any way.

Jagex has said that the best way to describe the problem of the new system is to apply. Essentially, the developers want players to be more concerned about is to choose the right skills at the right time, trigger combos and pay close attention to the weakness of the enemy. Before the patch, the players are more concerned with the navigation UI.

I remember the battle, in the meantime, it is easier to kill only because it was too cumbersome Click to play difficult mobs slightly easier mobs. The honest truth is that I did not care enough to undermine the work of mobs through my boring old the UI. I usually complete the task, to explore or do something more interesting.

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