Runescape item disappearrance

This is the 2nd time now my rune knives have totally vanished. I picked up 7
stacks of items (Noted) and then picked up 2500 rune knives last.

I go to trade and notice i have no rune knives in my inventory. All i remember is the message these items cant be noted or something.

Last time i had 70 rune knives, i didn’t remember selling them but it assumed i had. Now that this happened again and the amount was 2440 or so valued at 7m+ i am a bit upset.

They are no longer in my bank, but they failed to appear in my inventory.

Please look into this because i will be dealing with a lot of rune knives in the future also and some1 with a smaller bank could have already quit the Runescape Gold game with your 0 refund policy.

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