Runescape NIS lag issues

I also noticed the jump in fps you mentioned but it was not a great difference, I am appalled with Jagex’s current customer feedback especially with account help. I emailed them with an account related issue and a week later I had received no reply so I decided to send a second email stating I had no reply and how unhappy I was with the service and yet still I am waiting on a reply. I sent the original email on the 13th of July.

I have also noticed that many people have stopped Runescape Gold playing due to either lag or not liking the NIS update as a whole. for example I look now and see 48,392 players online Just before the NIS I remember seeing a whole lot more.

Before the NIS update I had very little lag, occasionally it would be bad but I would put up with it, Post update I now have constant lag which makes the game unplayable in many ways. For example anyone that looks up my skill levels will notice I am almost purely combat focused, It is now a struggle to kill bosses and higher level monsters due to risk of death. I would like to hear from other players to see if they are also having this issue and if they have been able to overcome it. I would also like to hear from Jagex moderators on how they are going to address the issue without suggesting it is my ISP or laptop causing the problem both are perfectly fine especially for Runescape.

Thanks for the reply, I have been using the client and have noticed very little difference, I don’t want to have to play on the lowest detail but it looks like I may have to try it although the fps change when I originally tried it was a minimal change of about 2-3 fps to the the 12-13 I was getting. Jagex need to resolve this issue as before the NIS I was getting a steady 30 fps. I did used to have lag and disconnection issues but since changing ISP I have had a much better security and level of supply.

There are many in my clan complaining of the lag, let alone in game and on the forum. Unfortunately, despite several posts on the forum, and a number of issue reports in different situation of especially bad lag, I’ve not seen any comment from Jagex. This is a great pity since it seems to be affecting a large number of users.

And just to be clear, I’m running the RS Client on a decent spec of computer (i7, 2Ghz, 8Gb, NVidia graphics etc, 15Mb download) and suffer no lag on other sites, games or indeed on RS2. I’ve tried low graphics however the default RS chooses for my spec is High: neither setting makes any difference at all anyway. The problem is apparently not at the users’ end, but lies in RS3.

I love the game and am trying to persevere. But we’re having trouble making upkeep in the Cit since so many of my clan have dropped away due to tech probs since RS 3 Gold, and it’s difficult getting Dungeon teams, pvm and mini-game teams because RS is so quiet now.

Having said all that, I was running with 1-4fps until Saturday morning, but suddenly jumped to 10fps. So some areas for example sinkholes and slaying, have been better if not great. Maybe the developers are working on code optimization?

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