Runescape quick question

Has it been officially stated whether or not free to play will be able to participate in the world event?

I mean, the portal is in free worlds but… The whole Vet’s cape thing taught me not to assume anything.

Jagex really haven’t told us anything about the battle of Lumbridge apart from saying we may be teleported there upon release of RS 3 Gold. They don’t tell us if f2p get to take part, or if it will be PvP or Pvm, if you will fight alongside fellow players supporting your God or if it will be instanced.

I get that Jagex want to keep it a secret but we need some information, especially with them having servers issues and a massive update which could lead to us disconnecting and dying leading to us loosing our items.

Well, it’ll also be the release of RS3, so why not? Since this is going to be a big thing and on the BTS video post on the front page, it says that all players will be instantly teleported to Lumbridge when the battle starts, so I think this is pretty much for both F2P and P2P to get involved.

For extra rewards or content, if any, maybe they will be restricted to members only.

Also, you would get better answers if you post this in the Future Updates section.

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