Runescape Rare Items

Rare items you say? Yep, it’s true; there are items in Runescape that are very rare and worth millions of gold pieces. Take for example a few years back, when the good old Santa Hats were dropped (believe it or not, I had a character back then). They were being dropped all over the place, and were only worth 30,000 GP each. Now look at them, going for millions!

There were also an abundance of other items dropped on special occasions, for example, Easter Eggs on Easter 2002, and the brilliant Scythe. Those were the days…

For the more recent players though, there isn’t going to be a chance to obtain a very valuable item anymore and be able to sell it a few years later. That’s because Jagex have changed the way these holiday items are given out, and I don’t think they’ll carry the same value now as they have been made non-tradeable etc.

(Gosh, this reminds me, I need to figure out the username to my character with the Scythe!)

There isn’t much more to say about Runescape Rare Items really, so here’s a little FAQ:

Q: Will there still be holiday item drops?
A: There aren’t item ‘drops’ exactly. Instead, NPCs are apparently going to visit RuneScape during the holidays and hand out a special item. These characters stay in RuneScape for a week or two and will freely hand out holiday items to any player that wants one.

Q: Why did Jagex stop doing those original drops on holidays?
A: Holiday drops were stopped after the “Halloween 2003 Debacle.” A great deal of people complained about not getting a Halloween Scythe, and Jagex decided not to have another item drop after that.

Q: How do I get a Holiday Item?
A: In order to get a Holiday item, you need to trade from another player. All tradeable holiday items are quite expensive. Scythes and Bunny Ears are not tradeable, and only people who managed to find one on that specific Holiday have one.

Q: What were holiday drops like?
A: In past holidays, special holiday items would be dropped all over RuneScape in random places and different times during the day. Usually there would be several drops, and people would be running around trying to pick one up.

I’m sure Jagex will have their normal events on certain holidays such as Easter and Christmas ” enjoy! ” May be you can get some fun, exciting items from them.

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