Runescape sound issues

Hey guys, I’m also having trouble with this as are a few others on the forums.You should both post back in this QFC here 335-336-547-65074467.

That thread has 11 posts, so hopefully the more it has and the more we can keep it on the front page it will be seen by a Jagex Mod and we can get an answer if it’ll be fixed in time for release.

I’m having trouble with this too. All the sliders are in the min position yet all sounds still play. My live Runescape 2007 Gold game sounds are fine though and don’t change or play at all.The only way I’ve managed to mute it at all is click the ‘speaker’ symbol on the taskbar, open the mixer and it shows individual programs open that can play sound, you can mute them individually. I’ve muted chrome as I’m listening/watching on other programs.

When I first tried the HTML5 beta following the open beta update, the first thing I noticed was the BLARING sound of the login theme music blasting into my ears. For whatever reason, the sound controls do not work whatsoever and the only way to turn it off is to mute Chrome completely. Also, my sound on the live game seems to be pretty messed up following this as well (turns on and off intermittently, with sound not working at all in some areas.) If anyone knows about this problem, or a way to fix it, that would be greatly appreciated. Until then i’m sticking to the live game…. with the mute button on.

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