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Challenging Vorago

Think you can go toe-to-toe with this batholithic brawler? Head up to the cave opening north of Falador, east of Doric’s house. Vorago’s one of the toughest foes in RuneScape money, so bring your best gear. You should also come accompanied by as many of your high-levelled, well-geared friends as you can muster – you’ll need all the help you can get!

Clicking on the entrance to the Borehole (Vorago’s lair) will give you a number of options for how you wish to proceed: entering the public version of the Borehole for your world, setting up a private instance, joining an existing instance or rejoining your previous battle. Note that only one public fight can happen on a game world at a time, so the quickest way to get into a fight is to start or join an instance with friends.

However you choose to enter, you’ll need to challenge Vorago once you’re inside. The first time, you’ll need to speak to Vorago and go through the requisite conversation options, but thereafter you’ll be able to use a right-click ‘challenge’ option on him.

Once a player initiates a challenge, up to 50 players in the vicinity (who are also eligible to issue challenges, having completed the conversation with Vorago) will be given the option to join that player.

20 seconds after the initial challenge, Vorago will unleash an attack on everyone who has accepted – a total of 50,000 damage, shared across the group. Damage mitigation abilities won’t work – you’ll have to take it on the chin – but survive Vorago’s opening salvo, and the fight is on!

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