Runescape trollhim area glitching

When using a teleport to trollhiem in the Nis beta (Java version) the screen will be locked underder the map “Saw this from a quick flash of the camera view” And then everything will go a solid color (Black or white). When you click to run or walk around the area via minimap the screen starts to flash black and white.

The same issue happens if you are logged out in the trollhiem area or in the godwars dungeon. Only way to prevent this was to walk to the area, Also when i was there i walked out of the area to the Dt quest area by the crying baby troll.

After removing the static color part of the glitch i went to nex as i thought it wouldn’t glitch out again. Now inside the godwars area when doing the following it would flash black for a second. (Eating food, Drinking poitions, Gear switching, turning on prayers)

Not sure what is causing these glitches but its rather bad.

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