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The game is not without its rewards, but we didn’t want this game for it’s rewards. We wanted to spar with our friends, slaughter our enemies and step up to be the best of the best. This website provides really cheap runescape gold and some other runescape items. It’s worth you a while to have a look on this website.

The game play is amusing and the rewards are a chuckle, but when it comes to competition, there’s nothing to laugh about. if you’re a free player, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Free players now have access to a full set of mage robes. No more donning a blue skirt to match your wizard’s robe top. The robes even have a chance of saving you a few runes when you cast a spell, which is a nice effect. I swapped to a busier server. This is where it became a little more tricky.

You see, with so many people playing at once, I could never find my target. I would see an arrow that pointed rather vaguely at a mass of digital flesh, This purchase is not for runescape of their intellectual property but it is merely for the time we get them for you, and by the time I attacked my target, they ran away. As the hunted, I had a slightly different problem. I would try to apply the same tactic as my opponents, and stand in the centre of the arena.

Then I would see my hunter run towards me, and a few seconds later I’d be dead. Maybe someone can explain to me why I can’t tell one person from the next, but my opponents can pick me out of a crowd of hundreds in seconds.  A great start to what looks like an equally great update. Eventually, I found the cave, and found myself talking to the giant earwig. The earwig treated me to a long-winded tutorial on how to play what was really an overcomplicated game of tag. The earwig finally finished speaking and, slightly sleepy, I wandered into the starting cave.


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