Six of Nine Runescape Potions For the Adventure

Five of Nine Runescape Potions For the Adventure
What it is: Copy and paste. This potion will create physical copies of Quest and other adventuring items that can be easily lost. Ideally, this will help when making copies of books and keys that have no place virtually. It will help you from redoing parts of quests that shouldn’t necessarily have to be redone. It can also help fabric another pot, cake tin, chisel, etc for more than one pie, or even a simple item your friend forgotten.

How to make: With one piece of raw meat, any herb of choice, and Stretchable Chalk. The last ingredient was a spontaneous thought of mine that could be a new item within Magic shops that could be used for Crafting and Herblore. Stretchable Chalk can be rock hard when you want it, and flexible when you don’t. The chalk won’t dissolve with the formation of Synonymous. It will rather be kept in the vial until all of the doses are gone. I tried to design this so it was more for the nomad; a potion that you could make virtually anywhere.

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