Slayer Masters notifying a player that they have lost their task

The Red Slayer Cape glitch:Slayer levels up at a usual 75% as fast as Constitution. Therefore, Constitution will usually reach level 99 before Slayer, causing the Slayer cape to be trimmed. By using the Dwarf Multicannon, which offers Ranged experience but does not give experience to Constitution, and by using controlled attack modes to ensure that combat experience is as low and distributed as possible, or by gaining Slayer experience through Soul Wars, XP lamps, or penguin points, it is possible to achieve an untrimmed Slayer cape.

With the use of zeal points, it is possible to effectively achieve 99 Slayer without having to raise the player’s combat levels at all, resulting in 99 Slayer at level 4 combat. This has become considerably harder due to Jagex adding an activity bar to the game, which requires you to pay attention and be active in the game or else be kicked out.
After the release of While Guthix Sleeps, if a player would talk to Turael (for those who had not completed the quest) and ask for tips, his name in the chat box would appear as “slayer_master_1_multi”. This has since been fixed by Jagex.

Players that had a Slayer task before the 6th of June 2008 lost their task with the Smoking Kills update. Slayer Masters notified players the next time they spoke to them.
Zezima was the first player to achieve 99 Slayer on 9 July 2005, as well as the then-maximum Total level.

Toony was the first player to reach 200,000,000 Slayer Experience, on 12 November 2010.

Vannaka in Edgeville Dungeon was the combat instructor on tutorial island. He held his 2h sword in one hand on tutorial island (Dragon square shield in the other hand) and in Edgeville Dungeon he holds his 2h sword with both hands (yet still with his Dragon square shield).

If you try to invite yourself to a Social Slayer task, you will get the message: If you want something done properly, you need to do it yourself…but not on this case.
Throughout one 2012 Winter Weekend, from Saturday 22nd December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 23rd December 23:59 GMT, there was double experience given to slayer and fishing.

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