Some Dive and Cheats skills in FIFA15


Today we give some FIFA 15 Cheats to improve our ability. EA has provided a top notch product in FIFA 15 for the next gen gaming consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. We all may not learn how to successful rabona or a scorpion kick, but after this tutorial you will at least know how to dive!

How to Dive? 

Many believe diving is a cheap trick to gain possession of the ball in world football, but you can’t deny that it is effective and often used in big leagues.We all can agree that diving makes football The Beautiful Game, producing some of the most theatrical performances. Diving is even more deadly if a player can win a penaltykick in the box.

Though this is not officially mentioned or taught in EA tutorials, diving can be done, so here we go.

  • While you’re running, a player will reach out his hand to pull your shirt or shoulder. That’s the cue!
  • Simply put, as soon as the opponent’s player begins to restrain your player, hit the button to make a lob pass/slide tackle/cross (X on Xbox or square on Play Station)
  • If the ball is a couple feet ahead of you, that’s perfect to sell the foul

Taking better Corner Kicks 

For a long time, people have taken free kicks by simply shooting straight into the crowd hoping to find someone with a header. Let us just say that’s not the most effective way to take a corner kick. There are a couple ways to be a bit more tactical, hence having a higher scoring chance.

  • You can control the player who will receive the cross – you have better control of who receives the ball, perhaps your player with best header
  • You can select one of four different options on your D-pad for tactics (or as they appear on your controllerafter pressing down on the D-pad first)
    • Crowd the keeper – left
    • Run near post – down
    • Edge of box run – right
    • Run far post  – up

Taking better Throw-Ins

You can use the right joystick to control a player and take the ball when a throw-in occurs. This is much better than leaving it to chance. You can use the corresponding button to throw-in the ball directly to who you are controlling.

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