Taste of the shadows is create a exquisite runescape gold

The RS 2007 Gold is cross-action version of competitive gaming masterpiece “Dragon Inn” first packaging and testing technology has attracted the attention of many players, and the scene is very hot, better gaming experience to bring you the game at this stage is to further enhance and optimize It was revealed, the game, both in terms of screen performance, system settings, action to combat flu has been greatly improved, a new journey is about to begin, waiting for you paladin come and experience! Martial arts and Culture is not just swords unparalleled chivalry, there are those who glimpse hauntingly beautiful landscape.

“Dragon Inn” in the martial arts-based, history-based, while also attaches great importance to the shaping of the game scene, after a long folk songs, the R & D team, many beauty real heavy game, and mainly as a realist style while incorporating traditional landscapes elements, but this is the scene of the game to further optimize the towering mountains, gurgling water, lush bamboo forest, the interpretation of the most exquisite horizontal version of the martial arts world.

The architecture is one of the most prominent feature of the RS Gold, in order to allow players a more realistic touch to the rivers and lakes of the swords, the game either scene or character using 3D modeling, not only through the combination of static and dynamic performance techniques to create the scene, still skill system added many 3D space Features in addition to the routine before, after, on, under the axis, the game also added the innovative concept of RS Gold skills more The three-dimensional, the fight against flu are more real.

“Dragon Inn” is focused on creating challenging the limits of the operating system, the real surging sense of super cool blow and gorgeous smooth infinite even move, trying to bring the players a Hearty fighting experience, and unique “air combo” system let your operation to show wonderful to Britain cents! Farewell the Zhan Zhuang-offensive and interactive, and enjoy the Sincere to the meat of the fight against the thrill. Desire breakthroughs action athletics limit, which will be your best choice.

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