The best locations where you may find them

For every primary ingredient—typically an herb—there is a secondary ingredient required in order to make a potion. The table below outlines which secondary ingredient belongs to which potion, and the best locations where you may find them.

Name Picture Location(s) Name Picture Location(s)
Eye of newt Taverley, Herblore store
Port Sarim, Betty’s shop
Unicorn horn dust Black unicorn / Unicorn
Limpwurt root Hobgoblin / Hill giant / Chaos druid Red spiders’ eggs Varrock Sewers
Karamja Volcano
Chocolate dust Hudo’s store, Heckel Funch’s store
Culinaromancer’s Chest
White berries Farming - White berry bush
Toad’s legs North-west Tree Gnome Stronghold
Taverley, south-eastern lake
Goat horn dust Goat
Snape grass South-west of Falador
Waterbirth Island
Chaos druid / Hobgoblin / Chaos druid warrior
Frog spawn Fished in Lumbridge Caves
Mort myre fungus Mort Myre Swamp - after Nature Spiritquest Kebbit teeth dust Hunter - Sabre-tooth kebbit
Yew roots Farming - Yew tree Gorak claws Gorak
Wimpy feather Hunter - Wimpy bird Dragon scale dust Taverley Dungeon
Nail beast nails Nail beast Wine of zamorak Chaos Temple
Potato cactus Kalphite Hive Jangerberries West of Yanille on a small island
Farming - Jangerberry bush
Magic roots Farming - Magic tree Crushed nest Woodcutting
Poison ivy berries Farming - Poison ivy bush Cockatrice egg+ Cockatrice
Spirit cobra special ability scroll
Phoenix feather Desert phoenix, north-west of Uzer Papaya fruit Farming - Papaya tree
Ground mud runes Mud rune with Pestle and mortar Bonemeal Skeletal wyvern
Cave nightshade Farming Grenwall spikes Hunter - Grenwall

+ This includes the other variations of a Cockatrice egg.

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