The maximum hit of combat spells are determined by two factors in RuneScape

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Combat spells are used to deal damage to, or hinder, opponents in combat. The maximum hit of combat spells are determined by two factors: The spell being cast and whether any damage-boosting modifiers are in effect. Magic damage can be boosted by equipping certain items or by temporarily boosting the Magic skill.

Each point by which Magic is boosted increases the maximum hit of spells by 3%. Therefore, a magic potion, which temporarily increases the Magic skill by 5 levels, would initially give a +15% bonus to damage, although this decreases as the boost wears off.

The accuracy of a combat spell is determined by a number of factors, including:The caster’s Magic level;The caster’s bonus to Magic attack;The target’s Magic and Defence levels;The target’s bonus to Magic defence;Any Magic- or Defence-enhancing Prayers the caster and target might have active.Whether the opponent is highly or extremely magic resistance (i.e Sagittare).

Magic resistance differs from magic defence. Having high magic defence could refer to having high magic defence armour (i.e Ganodermic armour), with a high magic absorption. Magic resistance refers to the resistance to magic to a high degree without armour. For example, Sagittare has high resisitance to magic naturally. A player’s magical resistance can get deterimined by the player’s magic level and defence level.

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