The Online Detail Introduction of Runescape Game

RuneScape is a MMORPG, implemented in java language, which allows the option to play through free or paid account.

To play RuneScape gold only need a web browser and have the latest version of the Java virtual machine, or if you wish, also offers the option to download an open source client, with which avoids the need to use a browser or have java installed on your computer.

The differences between the free account or payment ranging from the number of hours of play available (5,000 compared to 25,000 hours), the size of the world that we can access, eliminating the possibility of advertising on the page, more space in our bank, as many adventures available to play, etc..

In RuneScape can create your fully customized avatar and choose your destination, interacting with other players, fighting, trading, developing your skills, and if we decided on the free account we always have the possibility to make further payment, accessing all the additional features.

RuneScape’s world consists of several regions, cities and islands, within which you can move in search of adventure experience you, provide to improve the skills, gold or any other reward according to the objectives that you dialed, either cooperating with other players or exploring on your own Runescape 2007 Gold. You decide your destiny!

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