the reason of the importance of a tablet version of RuneScape

First, what is RuneScape 3? Essentially, it’s a relaunch or re-do of the current game, concentrating on better graphics, sound, and experience customization. Jagex will achieve this (if it works, of course) by utilizing HTML5 and WebGL, which will not only help improve performance but allow the game to be enjoyed on tablets. Smartphones are a possibility as well, but Jagex has said that the cells would probably be more for an extended service, not for the core game experience. I’d like to avoid getting into the boring, nitty-gritty tech-speak to explain how HTML5 works and why it would not work across all devices and all browsers universally, so the easiest thing to say is that I will believe all of this when I see it.

RuneScape goldĀ  will be fantastic for the desktop browser experience; this much I know. ‘Scapers have seen just how many improvements have been made to the game in just the last few years while performance has generally gone up. The current RuneScape version utilizes Java, however, something that has set more than a few gamers’ teeth on edge. Java is known for having security issues, even prompting Homeland Security to warn us to delete the installation! The move from Java to HTML5 is good not only for security reasons but for public perception. I have never had an issue with Java, but I’m relatively smart about my machines and keep them up to date and running with fresh security software. RuneScape’s younger players might not be so smart about security, however, so anything that Jagex can do to help the situation is going to work out in the long run. The switch to HTML5 is a natural one.

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