The Scenes Video of Runescape

Although players won’t find bright orange construction cones littering the streets of Al-Kharid in RuneScape, developers are busy rebuilding the desert city. & in case you think “under construction” is a euphemism for workers standing around, leaning on their shovels while enjoying some coffee, Jagex has released a behind-the-scenes video showing off the work in progress.

In the video, the developers discuss how the rebuilding will bring the city to life; they require to describe a dynamic city with an undercurrent of menace. When the new & improved Al-Kharid goes live, players will discover a bigger population, a greater diversity of character models, more cinematic elements, as well as a new questline to take advantage of all the changes.

For a peek at some of the new character models & more, watch the video after the cut.iPad header logo.It looks like of the elderly guard of the MMORPG movement is set to embrace technological change.Much like of those shocking twists in of your favourite fantasy novels, Jagex’s grizzled elderly RuneScape is going to accept the new order & make the move RS Gold onto tablets.This MMO, which curiously holds the Guinness World Record for Most Updated Game, currently has around ten million active accounts, & has been online in form or another for over0 years.

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