Theme song competition on the results of RS

Select a winner all the changes that we have received a long and difficult decision, our audio team decision. However, after careful consideration, we are pleased to announce the results of our game theme song RUNESCAPE!

Congratulations Maxreidneer! In addition to Fortune 1000 Runecoins should look green skin and won 50 games, its composition can also be achieved in RuneScape.Here to supply buy RS 2007 Gold,Runescape Gold

We have received many beautiful works, the team decided to compile an audio component medley race participants who arrive early to listen to our official website SoundCloud. Congratulations, dark ThundaX, PVME Dan, Xtremeggnog Tobax Denith2005!

If you still want more, flowers can also be a number of other ingredients! So, in your headphones! And enjoy this demonstration of musical talent RUNESCAPE community.

Congratulations, Maxreidneer! We are eager to hear your music player, and win RS 07 gold!

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