This isn’t goodbye

Hey gang!

First off – a very happy 4th July to all of our American players! I hope you have plenty of fireworks and turkey today. Wait, turkey is for Thanksgiving, isn’t it? No matter, if you want to eat turkey today, I urge you to go right ahead have some. You owe it to yourself, so go nuts.

With my position on turkey clarified, I guess I can’t delay my goodbyes any longer. That’s right – after 7 great years working on the Community Team, today is my last day at Jagex, and so I must bid you all farewell. Even though I’m moving on to pastures new (right after an epic holiday!), I wanted to make sure you knew how much I’ll miss you guys!

In my time working with the RuneScape gold community, I’ve come to know and love many of the familiar faces on the forums – folks in Recent Game Updates, the High Level Forums, the Clan Leader Forums, Events and – of course – on the Newspost Discussion threads.

But even if we’ve only interacted in passing, if you’ve ever posted on the forums, you can be assured that you (yes YOU) will most likely have had an effect on my day, and I am invariably a better person for having read what you’ve written. Even if it’s simply made me a more patient soul. ;)

I can honestly say that the RuneScape community is unique, and its passion for the game it loves is rivaled by none. And I say that not just as a member of staff, but as a fellow player too – I’ve been an avid fan on my home account for my entire 7 years here and I will continue to be so!

So keep a hold of your passion and dedication, and don’t stop giving feedback to your J-Mods. Both players and staff alike care a great deal about making RuneScape the best game it can be, so be kind to your J-Mods and work with them to take the game even further and higher. I know you can do it!

Right. I think that’s everything. Please make sure Mod Timbo is fed and watered, and that Mod Rocket isn’t left alone with crayons again.

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