To be a Runescape millionaire not just a dream

Want to millions of gold in minutes instead of hours ? want to get your dreaming items like Armady,Pernix? Want to own a partyhat sets,Christmas crackers the best armour on Runescape ? Want to get rid of buy runescapeg gold on site all the time? Want to save money ? Then this article is for u :).

First of all something anyone who is going to stake or who does stake should know that staking can be addictive and is just the same as gambling. The best way is to set you a target and stop once reached. Do not stake more than you’re afraid to lose as in a lot of situations it is luck which depends on who wins.

Almost everybody who stakes checks the Runescape hiscores for their opponent’s stats. This is something that anybody who doesn’t definitely should do. If someone who is a much lower level than you is willing to stake you, checking their stats will reveal why and give you an idea of what you are going to be up against.

A method used by a famous youtuber many of you will be aware of ‘Sparc Mac’ is to switch attack styles throughout the duel. When in boxing matches, use the accurate or aggressive style when your character is hitting and then quickly switch to defensive as your opponent hits. This is said to give an invisible +1 defence bonus which could be just what you need on a close duel.

The second most popular type of staking after ‘boxing’ is ‘mage boxing’. This is usually no armour with the basic staking rules but with magic on. Ice barrage, ice blitz, blood barrage and blood blitz are the main spells used in most cases. One of the most important parts of mage boxing is to ensure you get the first hit. This is important as this hit unlike normal boxing could be relatively high. Ice barrage is usually used throughout the fight until you are on low hit points. If on low hit points blood barrage or blitz should be used as these will heal you slightly if you successfully hit your opponent and could just win you that duel. Some ‘mage boxers’ also use smoke barrage as this has a chance to poison your opponent although most people don’t tend to bother.

Another popular type of staking is ‘whip/rapier’ staking. This is usually no armour with the normal staking rules with melee on. I would not recommend this type of staking unless you have a chaotic rapier as in most cases your opponent is going to have a rapier which in most cases will overpower a whip. Other than getting the first hit there is not really anything else that can advantage you in a whip/rapier duel.

Finally my last tip for staking is to make sure you double check the rules. Although Jagex made an update to alert players if a rule has changed it is always safer to check them through before you accept the duel. It is easy for a player to alter a rule and you not notice while you are still selecting the other rules. Whether this be food on or fun weapons only you do not want to lose a stake through someone changing a rule and you not noticing as there is nothing worth than getting into the arena and realising melee has been turned off and magic on in a boxing match and you either have to forfeit or just stand there and do nothing as you lose your stake. Some players find it is better to prepare to be cheated and bring some runes, food, potions, summoning pouch, range gear or whatever it is that may be needed. This is a good idea in some situations and I would recommend it

This guide is mainly aimed at high level players as that is who mainly use staking as a money making source although other levels may find a couple of things here helpful. I would recommend that you do not stake unless you have high skills which at least meet your opponent’s skills. Other than that I hope this guide may have helped in any way and wish you good luck!

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