Why wont you listen jagex

I don’t want to play another game. I don’t want to play 07Scape, I don’t want to play Classic, I want to play Runescape.

If what happened after the release of the Runescape¬† EoC happens again, I don’t want all dissenters to be forced out of the game that exists now and sent back into the past so they stop complaining.

I want to play RS3.

I want to be a part of the Sixth Era.

But I can’t do that if I have no clue where anything is. I would like to request that the original layout–the layout that we were all using 6 weeks ago–be added into RS3, exactly as it was just twenty four hours ago.

We can’t run if we’ve never learned to walk, and we can’t walk until we’ve learned to crawl, and, well, we can’t crawl if we’ve never been carried.

We are going to need help, Jagex. We need something familiar to fall back on before we can even think about learning to customize things, and adjusting to movable chatboxes and minimaps and Health bars. We need something familiar before we can adapt to something new.

Because at first glance, this doesn’t look at all like the game we’ve grown to know and love.

It doesn’t look like Runescape.

And that’s scary, because, well, I was a bit nervous about RS3′s release, because to me, just the name of it made it seem like a whole new game.

And to those who thought the same as I, that worry has become reality.

So please, let us have the option to keep our interface the way it was yesterday, let us decide when we’re ready to start customizing and editing and doing our own thing.

The first few minutes are crucial, and right now, all they’re doing is scaring people away.

Please, listen to us, and give us what we need. Don’t force us into another version of the game. I like this game. I don’t want to leave. I want to be part of the future. Not a statistic in the history book of rage quitters and dissenters.

The runescape 2 interface is all i ask for, and it’s not just me who wants the same.

While having the older interface back would be nice (since the only thing I don’t really like much is the fact that everytime you need to talk on a Friends’ Chat or Clan Chat, it switches automatically to that tab and didn’t have a single chat box for everything like RS did), I don’t see it happening.

You could just try and get used to the RS 3 Gold interface. I spent around 30ish mins tweaking here and there and now I got so used to it I’d actually feel uncomfortable using the old interface.

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