Year of the runescape player

Yhe title is similar to a few locked threads. -.- I hope the mods that come by read its contents more thoroughly than you.

As for my own question above, I’m hoping that we still keep the world event idea, but have questlines be more personalized. I get a bit of the railroading that was necessary for the first quest of the owen series, but I’m hoping further down the line we actually have the option to do something drastic like help Zamorak take over a town.

With the year of the player they’ve promoted so much, it boiled down to two expectations:

1) We’d be able to personally effect the gameworld, and the changes would be instanced

2) we’d vote as a community for changes that effect the gameworld

Now so far we’ve almost exclusively wound up with the latter, are you satisfied with that? If not, how do you think Jagex could incorporate more of the former in future content, while still progressing a coherent story?

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